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Our topics: Where are we active?

As generalists with broad and various professional experience, we offer you a just as broad and various service. Fundamental  openness towards everything new, personal flexibility and method  variety recommend us for complex tasks of most different nature.


and socio-political topics

Social security, integration and participation
Labour market, unemployment and social security
Poverty and social assistance, vocational rehabilitation
Migration, integration and participation

Youth, family and society
youth work and family support
New forms of dwelling, participation at an advanced age
Addiction, prevention, harm reduction, therapy and rehabilitation
Humanitarian aid and
development cooperation

Humanitarian aid
Commitment to the interests of vulnerable people before,
during and after natural disasters, conflicts and crises
(relief, early recovery, rehabilitation and prevention)

Development cooperation
Combating poverty and promoting social and
economic development in middle and low income countries 
Protection of their natural resources

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